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Expertise and Innovation
The Nationwide Group has an excellent technical capacity for the production and design of bearings and oil seals. We are constantly developing and keeping abreast of new technology, so we can help where other manufacturers may fail. If you are developing new products or working on improving an existing one, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you bring your project to a successful, cost-effective and timely conclusion.

Just as you know your products, we know ours. Even if your idea is in its infancy, we can speed up development of items where custom bearing or sealing solutions feature in their construction. Our most effective solutions have been produced, through working together with customers from the start. Many of our most influential customers have come to us with a concept and our technical team has responded to their specific need and worked with them to provide the ideal solution.

Original equipment to high volume
At Nationwide, we do what we say we will. Many manufacturers shun low batch contracts, because they cannot make the part economically. We are different. If you have been left stranded because a current supplier has ceased production of a vital bearing or sealing component, Nationwide has the technology and infrastructure to help you - and our minimum production quantities are sensible. Check out our faq or call us about a cost effective alternative to your current supply.

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- special and custom applications available